Kids Portraits ain't meant to be perfect

I have kinda learnt this over the years and come to accept that 99% of the photos of my kids will have them in some form of dissarray, this is a pretty classic example, the hair is half out, that said there is a clip still in there which is actually pretty good for her 🙂 a nice crusty nose and the remnants of the morning tea baby-cino are evident.

but.. and its a big but.. theres a smile and shes happy and that makes me happy 🙂 nicely played tickles

17 thoughts on “Kids Portraits ain't meant to be perfect

  1. +Gerard Blacklock This shot beats a perfectly groomed and posed one hands down! Captures the warm, genuine, bubbly smile! Kids are spontaneous and I reckon that's how they should be captured! Incredibly cute tickles and top image Big G! 🙂

  2. Fantastic! A genuine, in the moment, relaxed and realistic portrait! Photos of children perfectly groomed, clean, wearing colour co-ordinated clothing are unnatural and not a true reflection of their personalities. … and don't appeal to me. I really enjoy your spontaneous pic of your girls. Delightful.

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