Navigation at the edge

A little Sneaky Sunday sunrise at Bradleys head, the wind was cold, the parking ticket machine ate money and gave no love, the sky uninspiring and the water cold. The company was better 😉 +Rodney Campbell and +Deb Mooney.

This is the view of Sydney that I like 🙂

Exif love:
Single image
D750 coupled with 16-35mm f4 @ 16mm Aperture: f/16 and Shutter Speed: 186.1s (that 0.1 made all the difference)
ISO 100
out front – Lee Graduated 0.9x Filter and LEE fatstopper

35 thoughts on “Navigation at the edge

  1. Cheers +Glen Anderson , the 750 is pretty good (i love the grip, brilliant), I had lots of dust build up in the first few months, however I have subsequently cleaned it and its been clear ever since – note I change lens alot 🙂 Also the dust that was there was dust, not oil, it was removed with one pass of the wet clean.

  2. Nice color balancing Gerry. Are you finding that the auto WB is doing a good job on the 750? I am thinking of switching camps…. 😉

  3. +Suren J
    the Nikon autoWB has not changed since i had the D80, its pretty easy to trick it and quite often it does not get it right. For example, try taking the same shot under fluoro lights 5 or 6 times and see the result.
    That said it does a pretty damn good job and I think that at this session was the first time I noticed a issue with a landscape shot – it was a pano (20-3second exposures) and I noticed that out of the 6 shots there was 2 which had the WB off..
    Rodeny was commenting the other day about the improvements in the Live view on nikon, finally they have got a proper live exposure view, bascially as good as my old (7 year old) sony P&S :). So hopefully when you switch from canon you will not notice too much difference when staring at the live view ;)Also you will not need that magic lantern firmware 😉

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