Play Nice.

with Rodney Campbell‘s bat balls.

There are two key points to be made here…

1) No endangered micro-bats (Eastern Bent-wing Bats if your wondering) were harmed in the making of this image.

2) Rodneys been shopping on Amazon for weird umbrella sticks that light up – worthwhile purchase i might say

and here is a fun fact for today that I learnt, the roosting sites of bats is highly dependent on the humidity of the site, too moist means unhappy bats… on that note feel free to crawl thru the dark tunnels of malabar during this wet spell with less chance of being mauled in the face by a savage micro bat – seriously, have you seen the fangs on them?

anotehr fun fact, this particular bunker was used to house the 6 inch calibre gun which could reach 20kms… sadly it was british made, which means it was probably 3 times as complex as it needed to be but still thing of engineering beauty

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