Samyang 85m 1.4 Sharpness

Well, if this is apparently less sharp then the Nikkor version then holy shit batman that is one damn sharp lens.

That said the strike rate with this manual focus one is quite low, that razor thing DOF makes it very tricky, nonetheless, perservenace is required.

A few quick points.

1) this sh$t has razor thin DOF, straight outta the box 95% of the first 50 shots missed eyes, got hair, fences, dogs and everything else.

2) This is sharp, if the nikkor is sharper than this then them pixels must be neatly shaved.

3) Lens cap and hood – the person who design this should be taken out and forehead slapped…twice, then made to design shirt buttons for at least a year – damn turkey’s, it ain’t that hard but they have successfully made a perfectly good lens cap and hood painful.

4) This is cheap, stupidly cheap for what you get. I want the nikkor version but 1k worth of pain is a way off for me hence this is a great stop gap solution, I will probably go the nikkor version later, not for for any sharpness or bokeh benefits but more purely for the AF. The manual focus is ok if you have time but gets painful when tracking chaos on wheels.

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