Its interesting to see how people change over the years – we all think about Anzac Day and the old veterans that are there getting older and disappearing, but its also the younger generation that change too and will, maybe unfortunately, be the ones marching in their twilight years.

I have followed quite a number of the march participants over the years, not necessarily deliberately, however they have graced my camera and screen and its hard not to be drawn to the same people, even subconsciously… well its gotta be subconsciously 'cause i can't remember what I had for breakfast 🙂

here is one such dude from HMAS Kuttabul (formerly Ballarat)

and from 2013

The same, but different

I have lived in Sydney for quite some years and have grown very accustom to the harbour and its views, its always nice to see it from a different perspective. Whilst I would like to think this is an original view ( although i have not seen any shots like it) I am sure, someone, somewhere has stood in the same place and fired off a few shots 🙂

If you have time, check out +Peter Eastway 's latest post, he has some great thoughts about the whole thing about photographing popular spots and he always has very nice shots and a great attitude.

Exif love:
3 bracketed shots (+1ev 0, -1ev) I only used two, manually blended to capture the entire dynamic range.
D750 coupled with 16-35mm f4 @ 16mm Aperture: f/14 and Shutter Speed: 2s (normal exposure) 1s (under) 4s (over)
ISO 100
out front – Hoya CPL and Lee Graduated Filter 0.9x