Its interesting to see how people change over the years – we all think about Anzac Day and the old veterans that are there getting older and disappearing, but its also the younger generation that change too and will, maybe unfortunately, be the ones marching in their twilight years.

I have followed quite a number of the march participants over the years, not necessarily deliberately, however they have graced my camera and screen and its hard not to be drawn to the same people, even subconsciously… well its gotta be subconsciously 'cause i can't remember what I had for breakfast πŸ™‚

here is one such dude from HMAS Kuttabul (formerly Ballarat)

and from 2013

16 thoughts on “Lineup

  1. +Gerard Blacklock deep in thought .. he;s thinking about something to come. Micro-expression analysts say if a person looks to the left, they are generally recalling a past memory and if to the right , thinking to the future. There's a bit more variation to that but I'd love to know :)) Great shot btw

  2. I don't often bother with g+ these days but need to comment. Great shots and for you to even find the same guy amongst the sea of uniforms is amazing. However I do say that if you have a hubby marching, he needs a beard to help him stand out from the crowd. I watched the march one year and couldn't't even find my hubby. (now retired after 22yrs in the Navy).
    Your bloke is deep in thought and can see the aging effect on his skin. I wonder if he is thinkjng of his family or those who have fallen befoew him .

  3. funny that +Anna Simpson , the number of guys with beards is actually quite high, this i think is reflective of a social trend at the moment where its quite fashionable to sport a serious beard.
    i do however see your point and yes it would draw your attention to them more.
    Thankyou for taking the time to have a look and comment, appreciated.

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