Roo food

'c'mon roo-ey this bit of grass is sooo much better'
'why you not want my piece of grass?'
'here, again i am holding it just for you roo-ey!'
'fine, then I 'll sit down here and wait for you then'

These roos or wallabies were quite incredible.. they were so docile and used to humans that the though did cross my mind that they had been doped or something 😉

This particular one had its tail patted, ears delicated stroked, fed bags and bags of food and generally fawned over by tickles, i thought she might end up as roo food too, but nope, all good, I did wonder about those sharp claws too… i certainly would not get in the way of one of these animals!


view this large and count the kangaroos – perfect for those with super panoramic view across multiple monitors:)
Life at 300 mm.

So, here i was, stuck in the car after volunteering to drive Tickles around while she slept, you know, never wake a sleeping baby etc, thus a little drive thru the countryside proved interesting and also an opportunity for some good recon of locations for the day when I have lots of time and the kids have grown up 😉

I did find a awesome old barn, a sweet dead tree conveniently positioned and a cool windmill in the perfect position for some southward facing star trail action. However, on the drive back i noticed this lonely big tree up on a ridge and a bunch of what I first thought were cows, however after slowing and further inspection it became apparent it was a bunch of grazing roos. Now this tree was a long way away and with the car now stopped there was a real danger of this baby waking up, however i could not let a lone tree like his go un-photographed…ya never know it might not be there next time 😉

So with some sneaky sneaking i popped the boot and got the 300mm lens out and whacked out a several vertical frames to stitch into a pano, after only a minute or so I turned back to the car and who was peering out the window with a big grin on her face ? yep thats right.. tickles, that was the end of that, I quickly ducked back into the car and took off, luckily she went back to dream land for another 20minutes, especially since it was boobie time and well.. i ain't no good in that department 😉

This would have been spectacular at sunset, however sometimes you gotta just take what you can get, this was pretty well at midday.
Techie data:
D7000 with Nikkor 300mm f4 @ 300mm- Aperture: f/8 and Shutter Speed: 1/750s
ISO 100
out front – one tree, some grass and a bunch of funny roos.

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