these things seem to be springing from thin air lately 😉 with the hot property market in Sydney its very interesting watch private enterprise move so fast – if only our government worked this quickly on even just 10% of their plans :-/

I like this shot, from bunnings right through to the container terminal, its all there with a smattering of cranes to boot..

Exif love:
5 or 6 images stitched together in a panorama format
D750 coupled with Nikkor 300mm f4 +1.7 TC @ 508mm Aperture: f11 and Shutter Speed: 1/1250s
ISO 800

Big Berther

I feel for all those stuck in Bali as a result of the Volcano ash cloud, especially those poor souls who elected to fly with Jetstar…. and… not have travel insurance,…you will have learnt two very valuable lessons from that trip. 1) do not fly with Jetstar, you will get what you pay for 😉 2) always get travel insurance 🙂

Remember the British Airways flight (9 i think from memory) that flew thru the ash cloud in da middle of the night then everything went awfully quiet, ie all the ponies stopped, yep all four ! they were damn lucky that they could restart one engine and limp to a airfield. Thus, why airlines are sensible about not trying to flight thru these clouds, volcanic ash + plane = scrap aluminum 🙂

I was having a nice stroll in the park when the Singapore Airlines A380 lumbered overhead, a slight mad dash to swap lens and I was in time to get this nice ass view 😉

Exif love:
D750 coupled with Nikkor 300mm f4 +1.7 TC @ 508mm Aperture: f10 and Shutter Speed: 1/1600s
ISO 320