thank god it is over ;)

+Cameron Fong sorry for ditching you the other night – i did not even bother taking the camera!

and Vivid organisers, if your listening, start the show at 5:30 ish when there is still a bit of light around, makes pictures look better and given that say 99.99999999% of people are out to take pictures that would be cool, oh and..fix the traffic and PT debacle – thats the last time I will catch a bus on George street, ever, scarred for life and I would have walked but my 3 yro can only handle about 2 kms πŸ˜‰

12 thoughts on “thank god it is over ;)

  1. Dont forget it is a free event +Gerard Blacklock so we cant complain too much.
    If people didnt go then we wouldnt have an event to photograph so it is a double edged sword.
    Yes there are some improvements to be made with Public Transport & maybe running the event longer.
    A 5pm start would be much better too for a blue hour!
    Looking forward to 2014.

  2. +Keith McInnes I have to admit the novelty has worn off for me. If they return to more static projections (like in the first year) I may be more enthused about the whole issue. But with the current format and the rugby scrum of people with tripods, the general inconsiderate, selfish nature that I witnessed I would not mind if we didnt have this event. It was a lot worse this year than previous in regards to people being selfish etc.

  3. +Keith McInnes true, it is free, kind of. I did spend a number of nights in there, only one where I took pictures, one to take the family (Saturday night) and one to see a music act which was part of vivid. The Saturday night (just gone) had crowds similar to NYE – i guess my gripe is not only at the organisers, but also city of sydney and the pathetic use of george street, it was a prime example of where the bus lanes are completely useless, with some luck if they do finally go with the option of making it a concourse and removing cars altogether it would be an improvement..

    anyway, i digress, to be honest, vivid does not really ring my bell anymore, it's a good for a quick look and to take a few pictures, but I can't handle trudging around to see every single item and taking 15 million image πŸ™‚

    but if they did start it at 5 ish i think there could be alot better images, particularly of the city skyline, i took a nice one from north sydney at about 5:30 when they did a test run of the building lights and it looks sweet with the fading sunset light..

  4. Point taken +Cameron Fong but dont you think that is a general problem with our society these days that they think they have a right to these things.
    Make it free & they go mad.
    Have a look at any event you go to that has free drinks.
    People will just splurge & be intoxicated in no time.
    Yes it was extremely busy but I just went to areas that were less so.
    Cant expect to have the whole city to yourself either.
    I love VIVID & look forward to it every year.
    Yes I have been every year & it does get bigger all the time.
    We arent going to stop that.
    You also have a choice if you dont like it, dont go!
    I would rather have the choice.
    Dont be too down on it all, we are very lucky to live in a free country with these types of events.

  5. +Keith McInnes choice is good, but it is shocking how we seem to have lost the polite nature that was around only last year. The crowds come part and parcel with a free event, but this year I was particularly put off by the people around me, something that I have not noticed in previous years. There will forever be the temptation to take a camera down just in case, but this year I was severely put off, and to top it off it was filled with dynamic projection which does limit photographic possibilities.

    Until next year I won't think too much more on the topic.

  6. +Cameron Fong, i was on the north sydney side at one stage and I was setup on a popular spot, a bloke turned up and setup behind me (he had a pretty big tripod so he could get over me πŸ™‚ ). But i said g'day and told him to squeeze up next to me, he was very appreciative and he also noted similar sentiments to you, that alot of people (photographers) really lacked any curtsy. To be really honest, i think the hobby of photography has more dickheads then some other hobbies πŸ˜‰

    I will catch up with you soon.

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