Wineglass Bay – Tasmania

+Aravindhan Padmanabhan has been posting some nice shots from his recent trip to the worlds best subcontinent and reminded me a few images I took when I was there.

This was back in the day when i started out in the hobby of photography (2009), I had only recently purchased a tripod and a pro quality lens (nikkor 17-55 f2.8) both of which i still have and use regularly 🙂

This was a b-sides shot from Wineglass bay, the place i had the best beer in the world (moo-brew)

It caught my attention because of the tiny figure in the foreground, dwarfed by the Hazzards…

Thanks to +Aravindhan Padmanabhan for making me take another look at my images from that era.

16 thoughts on “Wineglass Bay – Tasmania

  1. Wow!! I'm glad I unwittingly reminded you of these photographs! The sheer scale portrayed here definitely conveys the sense of breathless you feel when you first set eyes on it!! Beautiful composition +Gerard Blacklock, and best viewed in full screen with the mouse scroll to look at all the little details (Like the orange lichen :))

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