9 thoughts on “You go in red and come out green

  1. Believe it or not, I was actually in Tassie for the two weeks we had all that rain.
    And it was as dry as a bone down there then, they're actually having a drought!!!
    Only thing I noticed was my grass was about a foot high when I got back 🙂

    One of my pilots (she wasn't one of my students) has a Quicksilver GT400, and has decided she wants something a bit bigger and better performance.
    She likes the Foxbat, but would like to sit up front, so I've done some scribbles and we're making a start on;

    All metal, 912 powered, staggered side by side (better CofG control).
    Screen hinges down the middle.
    May be looking for some spar numbers one day?

  2. Jebus, i woulda thought with all those bugsmashers out there there would be a perfect one for everyone!
    gotta be metal and have anything but a rotax in it ! 😉

  3. What don't you like about Rotax (four strokes)?
    Not using a two stroke, wouldn't use a Jabiru, Got a mate with a new Lyco233, just replaced his second ignition set.
    No really, the 912 has become a benchmark engine for reliability, power to weight and economy (shame about the price [per horse power])
    The only way we could get a better engine would be if one of the Japanese bike manufacturers got in on the act……
    Yes, there's lots of choice in the bug smasher world, but the prices are rediculous and many are not aimed at the low end of performance any more.
    You should drop in one day, come for a ride in the Foxbat and see what a fun STOL plane feels like…
    This is what I'm aiming for with the Pusher, just better vis.

  4. lol +Arthur Armour I know ya too well, i knew the rotax comment would get you up in arms! you are right they are not that bad, surprised about the lyco though, woulda thought would be the way to go. Give the jabirus another 5 years and they might be worth another shot.

    I may drop in this weekend (sunday) I am driving thru then..

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