you.. have got 5 minutes

I heard alot of that from Sarah, tickles and chaos as I pulled over said ' i gotta take picture of this' Lucky I was driving and in control, or else i would not have gotten to stop every 5 minutes 🙂

So, as my 5 minutes was ticking, it was bit like.. oh my gosh.. oh my gosh.. oh my gosh.. whadda i shoot.. whadda i shoot.. 🙂 followed by, don't these people know it takes longer than 5 minutes to take a photo.. sheesh.. i gotta find my spot, without falling the water. setup me tripod compose the shot.. etc.. and then my 5 minutes is up 🙁

anyway on the up side, this little stream and cute bridge was pretty well the first and only shot from this spot 🙂

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