Balls of Steel.

Thelma Point. I visited this little spot some years and have always wanted to get back with the right conditions, its a fine balance between too much water flowing over the rockshelf and not enough to create a nice cascade.

Its also a good reminder to watch the sea and never assume that just cause there has not been any waves come across for 5 or 10 minutes that its all sweet. This spot, on this morning, had some odd rhythms to it, it would go almost 12 or 15 minutes without a wave making it over the shelf, then you get a whole bunch, like 5 or 6 waves that would nail it.. and when those bunker busters are pounding the pavement its hard to hold your own

Taken with the very nice KaseFilters 1.2 grey graduated filter for a shutter speed of 1/4s

Balls of Steel

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