Valeria Messalina – Empress.

Valeria Messalina – Empress.
Valeria Messalina was a powerful Roman empress, best known for her long and influential political career, and for her hobby of hanging out in brothels and prostituting.
Makes sense to me. If I had to spend my days with politicians and senators, I’d want to spend my nights with a better class of people, too 😉 Especially after listening to our parliament sit on the new Vaping laws, don’t get me started here. 🙂 Wednesday’s fun facts with gerry, at least its not a terrible pun.
I could spend all day shooting these falls, it was great conditions here recently with some nice fog and very few people which is the advantage of being early 🙂
Here is a selection of shots from the falls, I really like taking the time just to get to all the angles and taking a variety of shots, wide, pano and even the cliche insta favourites… which btw have been taken way before insta was even an electrical pulse in someones brain 🙂

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