Pool of Siloam take 2.

I liked this place so much i came back with the crazy kids.

Its a great spot for kids, I was fully expecting to only spend 15 minutes here, but rather spent over an hour, exploring the creek downstream, skipping rocks, building castles, filling gumboots with water, the list goes on, I even got to take a few photos

The walk from Gordon falls carpark is only 0.5km, its pretty well all stairs but a good match for a 3 year old – chaos spent half the time telling us to hurry the up and that we were as slow AF

No leeches, no ticks, no mozzies, perfect


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 As i watch all the posts and comments about facebook now ‘blocking’ various accounts and/or posts that are deemed news content in response to our governments current bill (which is not law yet) I can’t help but point out that you should not trust facebook. They do not have your interest at heart, you are a customer and they have a product and the commodity is data/ads, whether its yours or being delivered to you. Your friendships, your connections, your family, are nothing but links, data and customers.

Those who were on google plus probably still remember the sting when they pretty much pulled the pin on their social media network (which was pretty good imo) and turned it into a enterprise only social media network basically deleting user accounts.

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Pool of Siloam – seems to be a pretty popular place, i reckon its got more to do

 Pool of Siloam – seems to be a pretty popular place, i reckon its got more to do with the name than it being anything particularly special

With #kasefilters and the magnetic series CPL and ND – great little combination and when you have two adapter rings it makes swapping lens a breeze and keeping the filters on.

4 shot panorama @ 35mm f16 and 4s.

Pool of Siloam


Japanese Wall Garden

I don't reckon you could arrange a Terrarium scene better than this 🙂 perched about 3 foot off the ground on the side of a fern trunk was this red little fungi, I wish I had taken a wide angle shot to give it all some context, but for now you'll have just do with my dodgy description 🙂 needless to say, it was a fairly easy little fungi to spot and was one of the first I noticed walking down this track, its crazy just to see where these things spawn from and more impressively where they survive, albeit only for several days.

Go West

Ever remember that 80/90's band the Petshop boys? and the song Go West with that crazy ass film clip. This little fungi reminded me of the dudes doing that motion 🙂

you go little fungi, rocking the world.

PS. now go and watch the film clip and re-live some more that naughty nineties action

Your all hands

Its another world down there on the bush floor, in the space of a few square metres the number of diverse (that's my politicially correct way of saying it) fungi striking a blow for freedom is amazing, all of which you would miss unless you stop and get down to the ground level and look around.

This fungi was particularly colourful and caught my eye for looking like a bunch of hands reaching up out of the ground, a excellent image for some kids bedtime stories when they refuse to go to sleep 😉

Tight on the Narrowneck

This is one location where you cannot move around alot given that you have only several square metres of rock to stand on and its pretty well straight down cliffs either side, hence getting some variation in the views can really only be done with going wider, or getting tighter, which this shot is.

5 shot panorama
D750 with 24-70 f2.8 @ 70mm f10 2s
Lee graduated filter 0.9x.


So.. if I told I walked for days and nights to get to this spot just to great the right time of day blah blah blah.. would it the image any better. I'm gonna say no, the experience of getting the image, definitely worth it…

I stopped in here on the way home only because the traffic was equivalent to what the M5 is like …. at.. lets say.. anytime of time day when there is daylight.. its a $4.20 parking lot. Hence 10 minutes off the highway is Evans Lookout which I have not been to in about 10 years, I think the last time I went here Sarah Joy and I walked the Grand canyon walk. I spent the last 30 minutes of daylight enjoying the view without having walk more than 100 metres 🙂 I call that smart photography 😉

back to the M5 – i reckon the tolling should be based on travel time, ie if the collective masses are not travelling over say 70kph than the amount tolled decreases proportionally to the average travel speed – given all the cool data they capture for traffic (including google) it would not be hard, think of it like a KPI for the M5 operator.. 🙂


the wide view – Castle Rock

Following on from the previous image, this one is a super wide panorama view, basically the view you get before descending down towards Castle Rock, you can see the path on the right there, what you can't see is the sheer drop off to the right and to the left 🙂

This view represents nearly a 180 degree field of view.

9 shot panorama (vertical frames) using gerry's special pano rig 🙂
D750 coupled with Nikkor 16-35 f4 @ 16mm
Aperture: f16 and Shutter Speed: 2s
ISO: 100
Out front: Lee Graduated Filter 0.9x and Hoya Circular Polariser


ya gotta view this one large 🙂

So how long do ya reckon it takes water (mixed with a few rocks and sand) to carve out an alcove like this ?

I thought about it for a second then realised.. who gives a crap, it looks awesome and will definitely be the same well after I'm gone 🙂