Tight on the Narrowneck

This is one location where you cannot move around alot given that you have only several square metres of rock to stand on and its pretty well straight down cliffs either side, hence getting some variation in the views can really only be done with going wider, or getting tighter, which this shot is.

5 shot panorama
D750 with 24-70 f2.8 @ 70mm f10 2s
Lee graduated filter 0.9x.

12 thoughts on “Tight on the Narrowneck

  1. +Carolyn Fahm The Blue Mountains are amazing, not as tall as some, nor as cold, or as beautiful as others, however they are unique in the sense that one can always recognise a scene from them, unlike Norway, Swiss alps etc one can get confused between them…
    All that said they can be terribly bland somedays 😉 but luckily they are far and few between 🙂

  2. +Kitten KaboodleInc PLenty of helichopper tour operators here in sydney, they leave from the eastern side of Mascot airport, if you get a crew of 4 or 5 together it becomes more palatable from a cost point of view – i'll only travel in a turbine powered one 🙂 none of these little robinson numbers 😉
    FYI, the Westpac Rescue chopper has two turbines 🙂 thats my kind of ride 🙂

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