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The new Barangaroo green space has been on my list of things to check out, even moreso with it being made famous by Ken Duncan 😉
Sunrise for me can be pretty hit and miss, quite often the alarm goes off and I just roll over and go back to sleep, especially when you know you got a full day with Chaos and Mayhem (also apparently known as my children), anyway, I had tee'd up to do a sunrise with +Rodney Campbell and in his usual disturbingly organised fashion he wanted to know where and when ages in advance, geez i usually work that out at 11pm 😉 So, Barangaroo it was.

After waking up at stupid oclock, doing my ninja sleath moves down the hallway to avoid waking chaos, note; who seems to be able to hear the click of the front door whilst fast asleep but struggles to hear me at any other point of the day 😉 to finally hauling my ass out the front door when I thought… I shoulda just stayed in bed!

Anyway, long story kinda short, its a great spot down there at Barangaroo, with lots of sandstone blocks around, more rock than green methinks, but still cool. I could not find myself a good composition or spot with the Sydney Harbour Bridge (an original one that I was happy with anyways), so went with something different and tried to capitalise on the nice pastel colours (in the other direction to the bridge) that were present for a few minutes.

I processed this with a quote in my head from Adam Williams ( (stuffed if I can find it now) but it went something along the lines of… don't be restrained by what others think the boundaries of photography are, but set your own boundaries if any. Btw check out his stuff, its pretty cool 🙂

I have a BW version of this, but I feel it just loses something in the conversion.

note, we did not get hassled by security either, even after standing in front of the security camera with our tripods 😉

26 thoughts on “Barangaroo

  1. +Kitten KaboodleInc
    nothing like a good snag 😉
    Rod is always much more Chipper than me at this hour – i struggle to string a sentence together at that hour 😉 that marginally improves through the day 😉
    Footage, I am sure the lovely security chaps in the barangaroo security monitoring office (or whatever) have some quality imagery 🙂

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