Bro, you so cute.

Bro, you so cute.
But damn… up close man, your giving me nightmares.
Meet Gregory, our resident one armed bandit pet stick insect. He was fanging for some food after an extended period fasting – thats code for someone, them kids, forgetting to give him fresh leaves. No word of a lie, you can watch these guys literally just mow down a leaf.. and check out that articulation on the head, I thought he had done himself an injury, but that’s actually how he moves to eat by rotating his head. Dude has ears too by the looks of things 🙂 and those eye balls, bonkers.
nature and evolution is just next level…
Taken with my clapped out old nikkor micro 55mm f2.8 (paid a 100 bucks for that like 10 years ago) coupled with a PK-13 extension tube, this gives close to a 1:2 scale reproduction ratio which is pretty damn close up… also with a flash and a soft diffuser. These where mostly at f22 or f16.

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