C = Courageous

H = Helpful
A = Adventurous
O = Optimistic
S = Smart

Reframing Chaos.

This is what my childhood was full of, riding my bike around, playing in dirty creeks, catching tadpoles and coming home with all sorts of leeches and parasites attached – but hell it was fun 🙂

I think I have forgotten the feeling of mud between my toes and the carefree nature of not knowing, nor caring what I was treading on..only concerned about the chase 🙂
I gotta say, i never read books in trees tho, whilst Chaos can't quite read a novel yet she enjoys the audio books of Roald Dahl and JRR Tolkien and reads them like she can't wait to be able to do it all by herself…

Courageous – for getting in that water which if swallowed would prolly give you the runs for a month.

Helpful – willing to play and help other kids there get in the water – much to other parents dismay 🙂

Adventurous – never shy of trying something different 🙂

Optimistic – not giving up when there were no tadpoles to be found in the bottom dam.

Smart – packing herself a change of clothes for the ride back home – yup I never did that

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