Cabin on the Lake

The first day in Norway was one the most vivid, i sometimes wonder why people rave so much about Australia when there are places like Norway. Whilst I love this sunburnt country of ours (any it'll probably give me skin cancer 'cause of it 😉 ) I found a real connection with the still lakes, towering hills and the simple housing, plus the sun did not burn, even in the middle of summer 🙂

Its funny, months later, I can still grab a point on google maps and find my way to any one of the many beautiful spots we visited, like this one, just on the edge of Vinjeøra, not the most spectacular fjord, just a run of the mill one, but still beautiful.

25 thoughts on “Cabin on the Lake

  1. Like yourself +Gerard Blacklock, I travel between Melbourne and Europe. My homeland of Scotland offers the same beauty of deep pondering lochs and grandiose, towering hills which are so inspiring and immensely beautiful. Compared to the very harsh glare of Australian sun in summer, these northern lands seem to plush and ripe photographically. But I have come to the conclusion that there are many forms of beauty and Australia is only a different kind of that. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. Keep up the photography mate. Your doing a grand job. Regards.

  2. +Richard Hallford cheers mate I don't travel that regularly, particularly to Europe, its kinda expensive with kids 🙂 we did however also go to Scotland, that was a great place also, somewhere I would love to spend some more time! I am sure after a whole winter in Norway or Scotland I would be saying Australia is better 😉

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