Pear gets ready for summer

After many months of feeling the winter bulge, Pear felt the need for a bit of a spring work out before summer hits…..

Time for a re-pot, some reinvigorating new soil, re-wiring and a hair cut.

Enter new bonsai re-potting area with all the right tools and equipment, making it much easier and efficient to re-pot from home. Big call, given that I usually don’t like to do it without the watchful eye of Tina, but I need to harden up and develop confidence to do these things myself. Plus bonsai-ing is in my blood right?!

So I put a new wire in through the butterfly drain holes at the bottom to secure Pear into the pot and put some new bonsai soil in. Pear sits higher in the pot now so show off a big root that gives the illusion of age 🙂 I have put a little rock at the back to further secure Pear in the pot and to help Pear sit at the correct angle. Pear has a tough shape to work with, so I have tried to add wire and cut off a few branches to try and encourage Pear to grow in informal upright style.
Give Pear a few years and it will be interesting to see if this shape takes hold…

Re: Pear gets some TLC

DSC_1438.jpgWell Pear was looking a little worse for wear by the time that he made it from Kel and Rob’s to my house. He was badly in need of some TLC!

This came in the form of a re-pot with some fresh soil and a hair cut today (chopping off some branches that were dead and some leaves that had been chomped by an insect).

I have faith that he will come good over the spring and into 2008, once he’s had the chance to grow and be shaped. This will take time, so watch this space!

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