Choose the path less traveled

Chhose the path less travelled - (c) Gerard Blacklock

Mount Wilson, NSW

I remember my mum saying, why would you want to visit there, there is barely native tree in sight 😉 or words to that effect anyway. My mum is a pretty staunch supporter of native trees etc.

So, queue Mount Wilson from the left, this place is like a colour explosion against the dull grey aussie bush backdrop – apparently as history has it.. the early settlers of the area were pretty wealthy people looking for a retreat location, they of course wanted a bit of home (England) and hence planted all the usual oaks and elms and stuff (thats my technical term ’cause i have no idea really:) ) and its pretty well stayed that way since then 😉 pretty wealthy people and lots of retreats :)…

But I suppose its now quite the tourist location and of course the much loved destination for many a photographer, from the smartphone wielding high heeled ladies to the tubby 200mm f2.8 bashing pros 🙂 that may be a little stereotypical but…

I am not overly convinced that this experience, for me, was worth the stupid oclock wake up and mind numbingly boring drive up and back (the apple pie and coffee at Bilpin was pretty nice though) but in the interest of actually producing a image, this is probably one of my favorites from the morning. The early start means you can stand on the road for quite some time snapping away before getting run over 🙂 In fairness though the colour has not fully developed here and the recent rain has smashed alot of the leaves from the tree and muted the colours a bit. I was just expecting to drive down and have my socks blown off by the wondrous colour 😉

So, you choose your path and go on, view it large 🙂

This is a 5 shot panorama, with each frame bracketed, to be honest the bracketing is a bit of a waste of time here, the extra effort required to process it outweighs the increased dynamic range for only a very small (insignificant part) of the image.

Exif love:

5 shot panorama,
D750 coupled with 24-70mm f2.8 @ 31mm Aperture: f/10 and Shutter Speed: 1.6s (normal exposure), 1/5s (highlights) and 13s (shadows)
ISO 100
out front – Hoya CPL

26 thoughts on “Choose the path less traveled

  1. +Michael Silk , no, what happened was that the road got really wet then dried out and as a result the shrinkage pulled the gate closer to the road 😛
    Seriously tho, it's a 180 degree panorama, hence the perspective is a bit different

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