We are lucky enough to be part of a group of families who share a weekly fruit and veg shop, its pretty simple, each week one family goes out to the flemmo markets and does battle at a ungodly hour and returns with a variety of fruit and vege for the group, this is then divided up and each party picks up their share of the loot 🙂

I am pretty sure alot of people have been to the flemington markets and would appreciate its like a warzone if you get there at the wrong time 🙂 that said you can get there pretty early and it seems to be bearable 🙂 This week was our turn and Chaos was rather excited since it was just her and myself getting up at 5am, me not so much so 🙂 . She was quite amazed when i did promptly wake her up since normally shes the first to wake in our household, which then means she has free reign of the TV, chocolate, and anything else of a contraband type 🙂 .

Anyways, with a dazed chaos on board the trolley we scoped out the plethora of market holders and planned our attack, starting with some safe numbers like the apples and plums we then moved in for the real goods, bargain box of mushrooms (just before a restaurant dude cleaned out the entire stall), vine tomatoes (tray), lettuce, spring onions, yellow and red capsicums, cherry tomatoes, corn, pears, cucumbers and the list goes, we also got to see a pretty epic sunrise too but there was no time for that, after two trips to the car and two trolley rides through the carpark (we overtook most of the cars waiting 😉 ) we were done and doing battle with the carpark traffic, yep even at silly oclock the parking is a nightmare…

So, after doing up our boxes I had some time to wait and took a few shots 🙂 my camera was feeling unused after that sunrise 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Co-op

  1. These are gorgeous, both visually and as the peak of the glory of the fruits of the earth. I can sense the freshness of these jewells of their kinds and, to be quite honest, I am a bit jealous of the feasts you will be able to craft from such glorious raw materials. Those grapes look so luscious that I am going to have to put them out of my mind in order to consume my out of season grapes that have traveled long distances to get to me!

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