16 thoughts on “Dirawong

  1. Ah, what a gentle yet powerful seascape, one that few could create. I hope you aren't suffering too much from the terrible heat, although I don't know how anyone can cope with temperatures in the high forties or above. Sending caring thoughts to you and your wife and daughters as we advance into a new year. May it see all things good for you all.

  2. +Carolyn Fahm yes it has been hot, mid 30's (Celsius), but that is fairly typically, we are close to the coast so its a bit cooler. I am with you, i prefer the cooler temperatures!
    I hope you have a great start to the new year and it follows thru for a top year 🙂

  3. It is starting out in a new place entirely. I have been epileptic since I was a young teen. The brain surgery means that this year may well be a turning point of massive proportions. So a top year is a very real possibility, but I shall take each day as it comes.

  4. +Loretta Jayne We all have our challenges as we go through life. What excites me this year is that I have had a surgical procedure than may free me from my near life-long seizure condition. Thanks so much for your kind well wishes.

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