Don’t throw out that PSU!

SO… if you live in a dust bowl like I do you probably experience the pleasure of remove caked on dust from inlets, outlets, grilles boards…basically everything! From time to time I get a seized fan, depending on the cost and quality they can be given a new lease on life or it can be worth just chucking it and getting a new one. PSU fans are potentially the most under-rated fans in the system, with one of these stopping things can get very, very interesting.

I tend to get decent quality PSU where possible, these are typically, but not limited too, Antec and Silverstone. These usually have a single large fan or two slower fans, these fans can be hard to get, even though they are not soldered in. Here is an example of a Antec fan that seized and was repaired with a good clean and a few drops of machine oil. Any sewing machine oil is suitable, as long as it is light Machine oil.

Obviously do at your own risk since this can potentially void your warranty – Note the “No user-serviceable parts” decal!

Remove the cover of the PSU – note voiding warranty now!


Problem fan!


Fan mounted…


Remove the plastic sticker and clear plastic cover on the DC motor….there is a little plastic cir-clip which needs to be removed, this holds the fan into the assembly, without it, the fan will take off when started!


BBQ as the work bench with stuff all laided out!


Oring, plasticcaver and cir-clip.


Fan and earth magnet removed….


DC motor exposed…


So its pretty straight forward, just disassemble, remove all gunk, dust and buildup, make sure it is all spotless! Re-assemble using a light coating of machine oil on the axle of the fan. Once reassembled place a few drops in beteen the clear cover and cir-clip, this will keep things nicely lubed!

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