Downtown Lund

Just a little city or more correctly, a town-scape 🙂 at nearly midnight when there was just about no one around.

Lund is a really cool University town in southern Sweden, very progressive and full of interesting people and the occasional red squirrel (that's cool from our end since we do not have squirrels in Australia)

3 shot panorama image
D750 coupled with Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 @ 60mm Aperture: f11 and Shutter Speed: 6 seconds
ISO: 200
Out front: nothing and nobody, just a few lonely bikes 🙂

16 thoughts on “Downtown Lund

  1. Wonderful mood and great composition! I love the light on those beautiful paving stones and the light on the left side wall. The panoramic format works very well here. And an extra bonus that you been to my home country and showed it in the best way possible! 🙂 Great work!!

    Thanks for sharing with the #LandscapePhotography theme!! It's my pleasure to share your amazing photo to the +Landscape Photography page! Check out all the great photos there including yours!!

  2. +Jani Westman
    thanks mate, glad I have done it justice 🙂 it's a great country with some amazing scenery and history too. I learnt alot about Scandinavian history whilst over there, the relationships and interactions between Norway, Sweden and Finland over the last several hundred years makes for very interesting reading 🙂

  3. +Jarek S
    That's so cool, it is a very small world 🙂 I really liked this part of Lund, so rich and full of history and the quaint houses and rose bushes were great, people thought I was a bit strange taking photos of them, however it is so different to what we have over here…

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