DSLRUsers Exhibition

Thanks to all that turned up last night (20/03/2010) to open the exhibition, it was great to see a good turn out and people enjoying themselves surrounded by some great images!

The offical results of the tasmanian style election process for the best image are as follows:

1) David Viviers – $200 voucher @ zimprints
2) Jon Dawes & Narelle Power – (Mongrel Creek Wine) Jon you can pick up your bottle when you pick your canvas up, Narelle I will post yours with the canvas!
3) Andrew Trevor Jones

and Craig Rohse with an hourable mention, which successfully confused me and everyone else by the looks of it.

The exhibition runs for a few weeks (up to the 11th April) you can drop in there and look at at anytime when the shop is open, check zimprints.com.au for times.

510 King Street
Newtown, Sydney NSW
Zimprints (http://www.zimprints.com.au/)

It is amazing how images look on canvas, some which I picked to not be crash hot actually look great on the big size and on canvas, so I encourage people who are thinking about do this style of printing to drop in and have a look, check out the images in the (DSLRUsers Exhibition Online Gallery!)and you can see the end result on the wall!

There has already been some sales interest from people dropping into the shop on Saturday, that was with only half the images hanging! I hope there will be some sales, which leads me to the next part, sales.

The general consenus is to have standard price across the range, this means people can come in and know they can have any one of those shots for a fixed price, rather then trying to look at each individual tag and determine whether its a goer for them. The price that was deemed reasonable was $275. I will PM people with images to confirm they are happy with this, if you have objection to this or do not want yours for sale, thats fine just let me know. If an image sells and is processed through the shop it attracts GST, this is the only cost that Callan charges. The image will be reprinted and the difference in the print price and sale price (minus GST) will be given to the photographer.

If you would liek to pickup you image early, that is fine, but I would liek to see them there as a collective until the end. The final weekend is the 11/04/2010, can we ensure those picking up their shots can do so on this weekend, or before hand. That weekend I will also endeavour to package and post those which are heading interstate.

Again, thanks to those who turned up and those with images, it was fun!

Also thanks to my partner Sarah for organising and making food etc…

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