13 thoughts on “Eagle Rock

  1. the balance here is wonderful. have you thought about this angle with a longer exposure to smooth out the waves? might draw even more attention to the cliff

  2. hey +Hilton Meyer I did take a few long exposures from this location but the wind, rain and spray made it very difficult, this image was taken during a small break in the wind and rain. You are correct though, a LE from this composition would look very nice and also accentuate the cliff (eagle)
    Thanks for having a look and commenting.

  3. I often have problems with the wind and spray near the sea and still don't know how to battle it. Seems the best time to photograph, when the weather is acting up, is also the most difficult.

  4. +Chris Harris, if my bike wasn't busted I would have ridden in there, but it was perfect conditions for the waterfalls there so I walked instead ;(

    I really want to explore more areas of the coast there, garie and wattamolia seem to be next on the list

  5. Nah don't have a link. A lot of people don't know its there. You have to scramble down the cliff a little to get to it. I get out there a bit, next time I do I'll take a photo with a geo tag and PM it to you. Don't want everyone to know where it is..

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