Easter Bunny

Chocolate easter egg hunt ..

soooo…. life is all about motivation, given a little bit of motivation in the form of legal product called sugar and coca (should be outlawed i reckon ) and it’s amazing 1) how fast these things can be found and 2) how thorough the task of finding them can be carried out..

you might see where i’m going here.. the same motivation does not extend to say… the lost toothbrush which is hiding in plain sight even tho said child (s) left it there less than 12 hours ago or the jumper that can’t be found but is lying on the bedroom floor ? or one of the 13 million hair brushes covering nearly every corner of the house…

maybe the answer is attach chocolate eggs to all the mundane items that need to be sourced during the normal course of preparing oneself for the day ahead…

anyways, a good egg hunt (or two) was had by all….

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