Expectations vs Reality..

Life lessons with the Rodinator (aka Rodney Campbell)

‘yeah yeah gerry its all sweet, got this sh$t planned out’

Expectation: milkyway , note. not epic, not full core, just a milkway
Reality: Hey look i can see a star or two

Expectation: Awesome mad lighthouse
Reality: flakey paint job , poorly maintained barber pole impersonating as a ship deterrent device…with a light, seriously, do they still need lights ?

I found some old lighting painting crap from many years ago, partially destroyed from an exploded battery pack, mental note, don’t leave batteries in devices too long
But it did have a partially functioning bit of EL wire and a red bike torch stolen from Sarah Joy we made something outta of nothing.

Rodney, next time, i’m choosing the location.

But hey check out the exposure on that light – it only took 432 shots to nail that

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