Fire and Ice

Dreamin' of Iceland

Over the years I have always dreamed of visiting Iceland, such a interesting place, did you know they are the only country to import Breastmilk (from Denmark or thereabouts from memory) ? well thats not quite the reason for me wanting to visit but hey, still a fun fact.
I actually now think rather than visiting Iceland I would rather visit somewhere like sweden or Norway, purely based on the fact they seem to be less represented in the photographic tour departments 😉
If I see another image of Gullfloss (or what ever it is) i think I am gonna barf, even if it is brilliant (which most are) 🙂

So on that note, i have dedicated this image to me moving past my desire to visit Iceland (ok there might be the other 10K price tag factor too but….), hence I'll be happy with Sydney for the moment 😉

Now this location is the unique Botany bay, the site of first white invasion in the country (yeah i know that'll rile some people up but relax, its history, deal with it 🙂 ) But what I do like about it, beside being fairly local to me, is there are lots of cool locations, from the airport (for those plane nuts), to mangroves, to Bare Island, to industrial, something for everyone I say 🙂 So.. at the crack of dawn I wandered down and was greeted by a local who said as he jogged away on his morning fitness run;
'ya picked a good one mate, its gonna light up nicely today'
So i found myself a nice little spot with my toes in the water, not really by choice, but I really wanted this composition which meant wet feet 🙂 and.. waited for the promised colour. The dude was not wrong either, it turned out nice and I was outta there as the sun peaked over the horizon and home in time for pancakes with the girls. Nicely played I say 😉

This is a 3 image blend (+Adobe Photoshop ) one for the foreground (+2EV), one for the hot stuff in the middle (-2EV) and one for the rest (0EV)

Exif love:
D750 coupled with 16-35mm f4 @ 16mm Aperture: f/16 and Shutter Speed: 15s (0EV) 4s (-2EV) and 30s (+2EV)
ISO 100
out front – Hoya CPL, Lee Graduated 0.9 Filter

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  1. Thanks +John Hunt , yeah really good, I can't really fault it, its got a few little annoying things, but really its a great camera. I love the grip, it feels great in the hand and particularly for me cause I have big hands. 🙂

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