For All Eternity – Faroe Islands

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I have received many messages from photographers who are getting discouraged with their passion and this, mainly because of social medias and the lack of interaction they get from people. Here is roughly the answer I gave to a friend recently. Hoping this might also help those who do not feel like reaching out to someone for advice but are going through the exact same thing.

Please don't quit my friend unless you are doing it for the wrong reasons..If doing landscape photography makes you feel alive, makes you forget about time and helps you see the beauty around you, then you owe it to yourself to keep shooting. Don't do it for the praises, don't judge your work according to the amount of +1 or likes you get. Do it for the memorable experiences it brings you and make sure you appreciate every single moment. The minute you forget about why you started doing this in the first place and try to please others, is the minute when you will start hating what you do. Your passion will turn into work and you really don't want this.

What will you remember the most on your death bed? The amount of interactions you got on social medias or how fortunate you were to see and experience all these incredible places? Always keep in mind that social medias can be really awesome to meet great people & promote your work but also very destructive when you start comparing yourself to others or start giving it more attention than it truly deserves.. Believe me when I say that people mostly share only the good parts of their lives but rarely the bad. Everyone's life looks so good that it could bring you down at times and this is a feeling I have had more than once. You have to leave all this aside and come back to the core of it all. What made you fall in love with photography in the first place? I am sure that your answer is exactly like mine.."The unexplainable feeling of inner peace it procures". Every time I am by myself and see spectacular places or the true beauty of mother nature..I always stop for a moment and think…all this beauty is unveiling before my eyes only for me to witness, I am the only person in the whole world who actually sees this and this is truly a GIFT no one will ever take away from me.

Keep doing what you love, keep pushing hard and always try to better yourself and all the rest will come by itself. That is a promise my friend.

– I really understand the feeling these people are going through. One small reason why I needed to take a break for so long was because of the overwhelming self-inflicted pressure I would constantly put on myself. It really felt good to let go of everything without feeling guilty about it. I just made sure to keep that little flame alive inside of me ready to ignite when the time was right. And the time is Now!!!

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  1. I applaud your beauty and insight. .. .I think what destroys them, is in fact, self-inflicted pressures. …how interesting. you also believe the age of years has anything to do with self confidence? Hmmmm….

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