11 thoughts on “Golf by the sea

  1. Coming back to this Gerry – sure the sky was a bit meh – but I really like the way you built this composition – or at least it's got me thinking which is good.
    It's obviously a pano which would infer a left-right view but the way you've laid things out here with the fairway leading to the little island (I assume thats where we once did a little wool work :)) it "feels" like a vertical composition…

  2. to be honest, i think this is a crappy compo and the only reason i kept it cause the pre-sunrise colours and clouds is pretty nice. The reason i don't like the compo is 'cause it reminds me of a pano taken with a wide angle that results in the overly wide look (if you know what i mean) and hence feels too wide and in no mans land..the fairway is awesome but difficult to position oneself to really use it as a useful feature..i do have another from the left side which does create a sort of s-curve and we will see how that turns out.
    I cannot confirm nor deny such is the location..;)

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