Reach for the Sun

A very cute patch of greenery placed appropriately for sunrise as the sunlight rays developed for a fraction of a minute before transforming the day into sun drenched sunday.

3 shot panorama of another great piece of Sydney coastline.

As always, its a crime not to view large so if you do look, be sure to click through 🙂

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24 thoughts on “Reach for the Sun

  1. Fantastic capture +Gerard Blacklock . Thank you for your awesome contribution to +HQSP Natural Other; and as a result, this outstanding photo of yours has been selected for the +HQSPPromotion page .
    Congratulations :))
    p:s Please feel free to update your list of curators for our theme as it has recently changed to
    +HQSP Natural Other curated by +Sean McLean +Valesa Diamontes +Delcour Eric +Jean-Noel Nicolas and +Joy mum
    (Vincent Dale is no longer curating +HQSP Natural Other
    Kindest Regards
    +Jean-Noel Nicolas

  2. Thanks for taking the time to have a look and comment
    +Sen Zen , +Mohammad Azam Khan , +Arne Lepla , +Stéphane Jean and +Belinda V.
    Thanks for the selection +HQSP Natural Other and +HQSPPromotion .
    +Walter Gawronski if your doing it over and over again your doing it wrong 🙂 check out Jims post
    there are plenty of automated hashtag smashers and shotguns… 🙂
    There is probably even a auto
    Thanks +Margaret Tompkins , +Randy Scherkenbach , +Shalu Mohan , +Rita Gijbels , +Delcour Eric , +BTP Landscape Pro and +Nancy Dempsey
    Thanks +Betty A ! , +AllThingsRed (definitely got red in this one 🙂 )
    Thanks +Tom Sloan

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