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This little guy is as small as your little fingernail!

From the good people at “Wildlife of Sydney”

Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog Fact File

Litoria fallax

This little frog is usually a green colour but it can change colour to be brown or a mix of the two colours. This colouration gives it excellent camouflage in the vegetation of swamps or dams where it hunts. It is active both day and night, spending much of its time in the vegetation, occasionally lunging out to take mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Like many tree frogs, you are more likely to hear them than see them. Visit any wetland around Sydney, particularly from October to April, and you will probably hear the ‘reek…pip, reek…pip…pip’ sound of the male Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog calling for a mate.

This frog sometimes appears in green grocer shops having travelled in lettuces from market gardens.

Eastern New South Wales to Cape York, Queensland.


Fairly common

Up to 2.5 cm.

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