From Ethiopia to Peru

Recently got my first order from CoffeeSnobs, two lots of roasted beans totally 1kg, probably the most amount of coffee I have brought at one time! I really need to taste soem of the premo stuff to get an idea of where I am at with my super roasting skills 😉

Anyway, I can definitely recommend Andy Freeman from CoffeeSnobs, I ordered this on the Sunday evening and received them in the post on the friday – labbeled with a roast date of the wednesday! can’t get much fresher than that from mail order!

In terms of what I got;

Peru Ceja de Selva Estate
Organic certified at origin by Naturland this high grown coffee comes from an estate at the base of the Andes

I have only just had a single cup from this lot so far, still getting the grind right (currently at 10 on the rocky) but, wow, it is something else!

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
Apparently only found in Yirgacheffe.

I have gotten through about 25% of this lot, nailed the grind at 11 or 12 on the rocky and depending on how hard I feel like tamping. This stuff is great, very mello and easy drink, can easily pull this through twice on the La Pavoni and still have a nice smooth taste  – very different to a typical espresso bean. If your into tasting various flavours, this one has a caramelly (is that a word) aftertaste/undertone.

The Ethiopia bean is the smaller of the two.

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