Just so ya'all know, I worked out the stock market, you know that magic formula that determines what stuffs gonna do etc, forget that 😉 i have it sussed. Come and see me when you want do some short trading or whatever the hell that is and I'll guarantee some good times. 🙂
Ya see, the moment I go and buy some stocks, it's guaranteed to drop, you know like, instantly, like the day I buy it where its all heading up, the ass starts to fall immediately 😉

So here's a picture, the hills are like stock performance up and down in a cloud of mystery, akin to gambling i say 😉

I really love this shot, but laziness kinda ruined it, its a large pano image but rather than fix the focus at one point for all the shots (really should when using a long focal length) I let the camera pick off the focus which meant for some shots it focused on the hills and some for the foreground and tree, the real kicker is that it sticks out like a big ass stock drop near the tree where one side is focused on the tree and the other somewhere out yonder..Well i still like it, those hills shrouded in the rolling rain reminded me of somewhere in the Hobbit and NZ, not somewhere outside Canberra 🙂

So, zoom and you can see the failures 🙂

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