Glebe Island Bridge + Pyrmont Walk

Lifted from the RTA webbie

The ANZAC Bridge opened in 1995 and was formerly the Glebe Island Bridge. It is:

  • The longest cable-stayed bridge in Australia, with a main deck length of 805 metres, including a 345 metre span between the towers. The two 128 metre towers support 128 cables.
  • Amongst the longest concrete cable-stayed bridges in the world.
  • A landmark visible from many of the city’s inner suburbs.
  • Eight lanes wide.

The bridge provides a key link from the Sydney CBD to the inner west and western suburbs. It connects to the City West Link road, which links Victoria Road, near Anzac Bridge, to Parramatta Road at Five Dock. The City West link includes:

  • Extensive improvements completed at the intersection of Victoria Road and the Crescent.
  • A new four-lane arterial from the Crescent to Balmain Road, completed in 1999.
  • A link to Parramatta Road at Five Dock via Dobroyd Parade, completed in 2000.

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