Glebe Tram Sheds -almost Graf heaven

Built in 1904 and once the second biggest depot in Sydney, the tram sheds housed up to 200 trams, servicing Glebe Point, Leichhardt and Balmain until 1958.

Sydney, the largest city in Australia, once had the largest tram system in Australia, the second largest in the Commonwealth (after London), and one of the largest in the world. It was extremely intensively worked, with about 1,600 cars in service at any one time at its peak during the 1930s (cf. about 500 trams in Melbourne today). Throughout the first half of the twentieth century, an average of more than one tram journey per day was made by every man and woman, infant and child in the city. Patronage peaked in 1945 at 405 million passenger journeys. The system was in place from 1861 until its winding down in the 1950s and closure in 1961. It had a maximum street mileage of 181 miles (291 km), in 1923.

Current zoning prevents use of the tram sheds for anything other than recreational activities.


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