Golden Opera Invasion

Pre-sunrise bliss – view large

I think i have fulfilled my 2014 quota for Opera house shots 😉
Taken several minutes before sunrise just before the sprinkling rain set in.

The bright lights are dudes setting up for the Invasion Day Celebrations 26th January – Congratulations to all those who became Aussie citizens on this day, welcome to one of the best countries in the world!

37 thoughts on “Golden Opera Invasion

  1. +Gerard Blacklock – Whatever Tourism Australia agency is called – they should give you at least a t-shirt and a coffee mug. Sydney was already on my bucket list, but (only because of distance) it was 2-3 places down… since you start posting this pics – it's just after to Barcelona – which is still on the first spot.

    Did I mention – GREAT photo! 🙂

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