Happy New Year

goodbye 2015… hello 2016

insert inspirational quote here 🙂
I think we are overloaded with meme's and quotes nowadays and quite frankly I rarely read them now 🙂

On a day when we cram in over a million people into the city to watch the 5 million buck cracker show I think the only quote we really need is:
"have patience"

That goes for me too, after I lost my chops at a Taxi driver for cutting me off on the way home 🙂

Happy new Year all, have a safe and happy 2016 and most importantly, have patience 🙂

Golden Opera Invasion

Pre-sunrise bliss – view large

I think i have fulfilled my 2014 quota for Opera house shots 😉
Taken several minutes before sunrise just before the sprinkling rain set in.

The bright lights are dudes setting up for the Invasion Day Celebrations 26th January – Congratulations to all those who became Aussie citizens on this day, welcome to one of the best countries in the world!

Opera on fire

I think this is a much cleaner and dare i say it, more natural rendition of the Opera house when compared to the last shot from around in the little bay. This one was taken from just near the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge just as the horizon lit up like a aussie bushfire.

The other sight, just off camera was much more amusing – once the colour developed, all the photographers, of which there was quite a number, rushed madly to adjusting grad filters, modify compositions and nail the moments of glory. There have been some great images come out of this session from them also!


Someday images just roll off the screen, other days they need a mallet, an axe and a small construction zone to get them to work – in this case I am still not seeing the result I wanted.

The conditions could be considered epic i guess, brilliant orange burning on the horizon and ominous dark clouds directly overhead, this however, did not make for a easy shot, especially when i messed up the exposures 😉 I really need more than 3 exposures per bracket to give a smooth transition between the highlights and shadows.

Anyway, I used a graduated filter and also bracketed the frames but still struggled to capture the entire dynamic range and the composition certainly looked better in my head than what it turned out on the screen. I think i will chalk this one up to the one that got away.

3 bracketed frame panorama.
f/8 at 1, 4 and 15 seconds