Happy New Year

goodbye 2015… hello 2016

insert inspirational quote here 🙂
I think we are overloaded with meme's and quotes nowadays and quite frankly I rarely read them now 🙂

On a day when we cram in over a million people into the city to watch the 5 million buck cracker show I think the only quote we really need is:
"have patience"

That goes for me too, after I lost my chops at a Taxi driver for cutting me off on the way home 🙂

Happy new Year all, have a safe and happy 2016 and most importantly, have patience 🙂

21 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. WOW!! Sooooo beautiful!!!!! Fantastic work!! I loooooooove Sydney Fireworks I used to see them from my windows when I live in Potts Point… I miss those NYE… but today I can see such a amazing shot!! How happy I am!! Really thank you so much for sharing!! Happy New Year Gerard!!
    (^ v ^)/

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