How much snow ?

I stumbled around this spot knowing that I had been in the same place last time, however it was not until I looked at previous images did I realise why I could not quite place myself, the difference is about a metre or more of snow. I guess over the winter the snow builds up and adds layer upon layer, if you look at this image and then compare it to this one
you can see the tree in the linked image looks like a little shrub, however its actually the top half a tree 🙂

11 thoughts on “How much snow ?

  1. Capturing beauty on top of the world Australia… there must have been something that made you end back in the same location 🙂 Where do you sell your prints Gerard?

  2. +Al Chris mainly I know that area, i was by myself and it was less than optimal conditions, but that spot does have lots of little cool things to photograph. I sell prints in my head 🙂 i just love gettgin out and taking photos 🙂

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