So let me get this right, the prices of stuff goes up ’cause of bad stuff that happens, like floods, wars, increased fuel prices and power costs … and then we thump average plebs with mortgages with higher interest rates which causes them to pay more money to banks so that they have less money to spend on stuff…less demand reduces prices ?

surely we have some more sophisticated ‘levers’ to pull then this right – i’m sure there is a shitload of smart economists out there which could figure out a more 21st century method…

The more i read about economics, the more i realise that we sure as hell do not live in a free-market nor a true capitalist market, there are so many skews, ‘levers’, policies and too many people making money from producing nothing or exploiting ‘loopholes’ note, just because ‘you can’ does not make it right.

on a positive note, i do note that my hummus at woolies has reduced in price from 9.50 bucks down to 8 bucks which is only 0.50 bucks higher than where it was 12 months ago… still trying to figure out why, prolly more due to Aldi selling it at 8 bucks then woolies using their kindness of their hearts to reduce prices when cost to shelf has reduced 🙂 🙂

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