Into the Mist

View large , at the very least you will find some crabs…

Sometimes its more about being there with nature than what it is about taking a photograph (thats always a bonus)

Most people who know me (and are not photographers) think I am a bit of a nutter, the common comment of 'you want to go and take photos in this?' little do they realise that different weather conditions often provide something different 🙂

Anyway, after a family member kindly offered me the use of their 4wd I had probably a little over an hour available after my fatherly chores were complete to spend as I wished. 10 minute drive to the location and a 20 minute shrub bash to the water and it was as grey as it could get and i was getting pretty wet – I took a total of 3 shots each around 200 seconds each before the rain got the better of me. 25 minutes out (its a steep hill 🙂 ) and 10 minutes home and i got to tell Chaos a story before hopping into bed.

Time well spent, i reckon.

Harbour Triptych

22 thoughts on “Into the Mist

  1. These join up pretty nicely Gerry – is that the actual progression of the view?
    It's the left frame which isn't doing it for me Gerry – probably that very light pool at the bottom – maybe it needs some more dark in there?

  2. Thanks +Nico Kaiser , maybe one day I will print them out.
    Cheers +Chris Sutton anytime spent taking photos is good 🙂
    Thanks +Arne Lepla
    Thanks +Kitten KaboodleInc they are clever little devils with good camo 🙂
    Thanks +Tim Mulcahy , i did have the idea in my head before taking the three shots but they do not always turn out that well.
    Thanks +Florin Munteanu +sophie DIDIER
    +Grisel C. 🙂 thanks for lookign and commenting!
    thanks +Toshi Nakamura
    +Rodney Campbell this is the natural progression of the that bit of coast, however each image is probably 50 or metres apart, the left is the northern point and the right the southern point. I will try it with a darker pool, may well make it better. thanks for looking and commenting
    Thanks +Photo Mania Australia

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