It’s alittle bit wet out there.

It’s alittle bit wet out there.
yeah yeah, she’ll be right, that 100mm they are forecasting wont come thru until mid morning.. nup, it rained pretty much the whole morning and not that little sprinkling style either. Like the rain that flows down into your boots and fills them up… I may need to revise the wet weather clothing, waterproof boots are great except when they fill up from the ankle 😉
Nonetheless, walking thru a flooded coast track in the royal national park was still fun and got to see first hand where all that water goes, in this case/spot it makes these cool waterfalls as it flows off the rock shelf.
It was time to go home after this one, when you have to wring out your microfibre cloth before trying to dry your lens is a good sign its probably too wet 🙂
4 shot panorama.

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