The home of Rollo (some viking dude) whilst appearing to be hundreds of years old is mostly less than hundred years old, back in the early 1900's there was a fire which destroyed pretty much the entire built area on this island. The island which forms the old town and the touristy area of Alesund is fairly large and back then covered with predominantly wooden structures, much like most of Norway, makes sense when you see how much wood they have 🙂 durign that fire there was also a gale force wind, described as strong enough to blow a man over, thus you can only imagine how fast a fire would propagate through nice dry Norwegian timber and it did.

We stayed at the big white one off to the left, not a bad view from it, especially in the dining area, this one of the few we stayed in during our visit to Norway and whilst expensive, it is comparable to Sydney so not that bad I suppose.

This was shot well after sunset, from memory about 11pm and the glow from the sunset, which seems to last for hours , glowed off the hotel strip and created some very nice reflections off the water.

10 thoughts on “Ålesund

  1. One of the good things about the new G+ layout is that it displays panos in full frame, which means that I am losing myself in the beauty and detail of this shot as I silently wish that I could magically transport myself into the photo and go exploring. Your panos are unmatched by anyone.

  2. Mee too feel as dear Carolyn well said.
    I feedbacked about enlarging function of photo detail-page. Because I only wanted to see your large-sized photos with submitted sizes using new version!!
    And I was (and still am) happy that they made the enlarged button there with new version at that moment which was 2 hour before the end of Classic version.
    So now I'm able to enjoy this beautiful photo with great joy!!
    Lovely colours and splendid framing!! Thanks a lot for sharing, Gerard!!

  3. +Gerard Blacklock Oh, yes it's much cooler today so I have been sooooooooo happier than yesterday!! Your wish works so well!! Thanks!! (My brain was almost hard-boiled in the heart yesterday!! ) Have a lovely evening and a happy new week, Gerard!!
    (^ v ~)/

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