Life Past 16mm

old vs new

Sitting back in the campsite at Honeymoon Bay i spent some time studying the google earth / map of this lighthouse situated out atop some thumping great cliffs, I had never visited the place before, nor seen any images, however from the satellite view I was scoping out a panorama view with the lighthouse as the key feature.

I had a few images in my head of what I thought i could capture, as as with most images ideas in my head it all changed when i hit the location 😉 firstly, what clown went and built that fugly scaffold tower with a dinky light on top right smack in front of the prestigious and majestic old lighthouse? planning fail moment, right there 🙂 secondly… well, i think that fugly tower is deserving of second place too!

anywhos .. I spent quite a considerable amount of time circling the lighthouse looking for that nice pano shot with complimentary light, i did cave and take a few portrait orientation shots at 16mm (standby for those), after a few circuits and a couple of half baked panos i stopped and thought about what I wanted to portray in a panorama format…. i loved the old house and the line of the path and fence, I loved the warm light on the lighthouse, i didn't like the new scaffold structure, however I had accepted by that point it was now part of history, hence it needed to be included. It was just a matter of how to join these elements into a panorama that did not suffer from empty foreground or a flat view or whatever other pano fail feature 🙂

The light was not that wonderful, however, one must always make the best with what there is, by this stage it was lucky no one was around since I was wandering around like a nutter with the camera partially attached to my head trying to find that angle, that line and composition…

finally this popped out.. now if I had found this about 45 minutes earlier it would be covered in pastel pink tones and much nicer… but thats life 🙂

This light house sits on top of the cliffs at Point Perpendicular with a height of about 80 metres… thats base jumping material 😉 what I will say is that it is a dizzy height, one which I momentarily looked at before retreating to the safety of the fence.

Exif/setup love:
5 Landscape orientation images stitched together in +Adobe Photoshop
D750 coupled with 24-70mm f4 @ 24mm Aperture: f/18 and Shutter Speed: 1/25s
out front – nothing, the graduated filter was causing havoc here 😉 there was a few rabbits around though…

19 thoughts on “Life Past 16mm

  1. I just hope I do not sound too trivial if I call it perfect! The circumstances were right for captured a really suggestive view. Only one small complaint…. that dizzying height you have described.

  2. Mate, it was well worth the visit, I think it's a great shot and a good idea including the old house.

    It pisses me off too at these historic sites, they clutter the bloody things up with garish signs and yellow wheelie bins and totally kill the initial attraction of a historic site.

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