Maroubra Sunrise or more accurately ‘cloud rise’

Some days one must make the best of what is provided, cannot let a little bit of rain and clouds dampen the morning out, quite to the contrary, some of me best images have been made on cloudy, sunless days. Its all about finding that shot admist the conditions and environment that is presented.

Maroubra, more correctly Mahon’s Pool and the surrounding rocks do have some nice compositions and opportunities for some good water based shots, however, having been there twice now, it does feel a bit limited, maybe I am just used to be able to clamber as far along the coast as I can go to track down something interestign or different, maybe its just me stuck in a mindset with this location!

Any any case it was a nice morning out!

Its always interestign to check out how one has changed, in a photographic sense, this is best achieved by taking alook at the images form the last session last year – less than 10 months ago. I actually reckon both sets have their merits, but am leaning towards last years effort!

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