Meet Raffie

Poor little tickles has been beaten down by a nasty bout of Bronchiolitis, which is different to Bronchitis, dunno why its different and I don't really wanna know (thats why I am a engineer not a doctor lol ), but what I do know, is that it's damn painful for all involved 🙁

With some luck she should be back to her normal raffie chewing self before I know it, or hopefully before my eyes fall outta my head..

Raffie is one of favourite high-chair toys and is often the last toy standing ie not thrown off onto the floor – which means Raffie has some use, I suspect hes great for getting right into all those spots in the mouth 😉

9 thoughts on “Meet Raffie

  1. She's adorable, Gerard. There is nothing worse than when your kids are sick. Allergy season is taking its toll on everyone around here lately.

  2. Thanks +Scott Soucy , yeah definitely a bad place to be, made worse 'cause you usually end up getting what they have 🙁
    I hope the spring pollen etc is not too bad over your way, at least you have summer ot look forward to!

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